Back to Basics

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.54.21 PMOne of the things I’ve learned during our workshop is that while it’s all well and good to talk pedagogy, you still have to talk about tools. It’s like talking algebra without talking about multiplication tables. You have to have a good balance of both. So, I’d like to end our workshop with some time spent on some specific tools that might be useful in K12 and higher ed classroom settings.

Tools for students

Send to Dropbox
Explain Everything
Tour Builder
Shadow Puppet
A list of video tools
A list of digital exit cards

Tools for us
Higher Ed hashtags
More resources from GaETC-Tony Vincent

Article: Classroom Visit Look-fors

For the remainder of today’s session, we’ll talk about progress towards workshop goals and how we can help you complete your project.

Quick notes:

The ITT Initiative will offer 2 Academies during Spring 2016. Applications for Academies will be send out mid-January.
eLC and online teaching with Nic Holt – 4 Fridays 10-1
Google Certification with Gretchen Thomas –  4 Wednesdays 10-1


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