Session Two: BYOD, Flipped Classrooms, and Personal Projects

At our last meeting, we talked about the Horizon Report for Higher Ed and K12 and shared our ideas for personal interest projects. We also spent some time looking at Genius Hour and how that format might help us with some exploration of teaching and learning in our own classrooms.

Before we start on today’s topic – here’s a great resource for following educators on Twitter. We can help each other add our names to the list. Also, October is Connected Educators month. Lots of great resources here.

Today we’ll spend some time exploring BYOD and Flipped Classrooms – two terms that apply in both higher ed and K12 classrooms. What can we do and what tools are available to make the most of these two ideas?

BYOD classrooms: how do you have students incorporate their own devices into classroom activities? What types of devices do students have? What would you like students to be able to do with their devices? What are some causes for concern?

25 awesome apps for teachers, recommended by teachers

Tools to show what you know

Digital media exit cards and exit hashtags and the GoSoapBox app

Pinterest board of resources

Flipped Learning: Did you know there’s actually an official definition of flipped learning? How are you currently using this? What tools do you use? Are you using any open educational resources?



“My job, in the time that we’re together, student and teacher, is to teach you what you can’t Google”

The Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Flipping Their Classrooms

In Online Courses, Students Learn More by Doing Than by Watching

27 ways to flip the classroom

UGA CTL Resources for Flipping the Classroom

Pinterest board of resources

We’ll take a break – then have a quick report on project progress and then use the remainder of our time to work on our projects.

For next time:

  1. It looks like Wednesday, October 21 will work for everyone as our new date for our October meeting. Our final meeting will be Wednesday, November 4. Both meetings will be from 10:00-1:00 in our normal room location.
  2. At our next meeting we’ll talk about what a “technology-connected” classroom can look like in K12 and higher education. I think it’s a challenging task but who better than us to figure it out? A nice short article from Educational Leadership: Students First, Not Stuff will get us started on an interesting path.
  3. Don’t forget about the Innovation in Teaching conference on Friday, October 23.

And just one more resource:

50+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media


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